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The Powder Prince 


Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Onkey

Length: About 8500 words.

Disclaimer: Only the plot is mine. I do not know the lives of the people in this story and do not suggest that these events actually occurred.

A/N: An alpha!Key fic written for the fytopkey challenge.

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Before men had been shown the light they lived in packs all across the land worshipping false gods. The leaders of this false religion were people with the bodies of men, but the heats of women. These people, who we now call betas, were believed to be blessed with the gift of living beyond our binary world. Unable to bear or produce children of their own, the betas and their partners were left to uphold the spiritual life of these primitive packs.

To relieve men of this false existence, the True Pack Leader, the Primary Alpha, in all his wisdom, spoke to our first king, Lee Minjoon. King Minjoon raised a mighty army to unite the packs under the one Leader and free them from their false worship. It was King Minjoon who taught us the power of living by the strength of the alpha and who showed us the unnatural way of the betas.

King Minjoon, may he rest in peace, was succeeded by his son, Lee Woojin. After serious worship and study of our Leader, King Woojin decreed that all betas must enter servitude as that was their intended design. We are thankful to King Woojin’s piety for bringing us into a world that is aligned with the Leader’s true vision.

Heir to the throne, Prince Jinki, is following in the footsteps of his predecessors, demonstrating nothing but the upmost devotion to our Leader. His civility and dignity are an example to us all. May he lead us in righteousness when his time comes.

Praise be to the True Pack Leader, the only one who all men must submit to.

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We will take a break from our wish challenges to celebrate Key’s birthday! Over the next week we would like to encourage fic, art, and edits that celebrate what we love about Kim Kibum. We hope that this will be a week of positivity and fun leading up to his birthday on the 23rd.

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2) Feel free to do any pairing (or pairings) that inspire you or no pairing at all.

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We look forward to your submissions!

 the-chosen-bun asked: "W-wow! *stutter* The Powder prince gave me goosebumps! 😍 Jinjja, the best author ever!! ❤️ *biggest fangirl* Like really.. What are they waiting for? Where's the Pulitzer price with your name on it? 😍😍😍 I feel like I need an autograph right now.. Meeh! AMAZING JOB AS ALWAYS <3 Thank you for being a writer!"


Oh goodness <333 You really know how to make someone’s day amazing!

I’m blushing so hard. Thank you so much, sweetie! I don’t know how to handle such wonderful praise. But it makes me so deeply happy to know that you enjoyed my story that much. I can’t thank you enough <3

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